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  • Made In: Japan 1991-1997
  • Coverage: 155-30000 kHz
  • Modes: AM/SSB
  • Circuit: Double Conversion
  • Features: Mini Head. Jack, S Indicator, 18 Memories, 9/10 kHz MW Step,
  • Tilt Stand, DX-Local Switch, Lock, Sleep, Dual Clock, Keypad, Up-Down Tuning,
  • Wrist Strap, Tone Switch, Two Tuning Speeds, Fine Tuning, External Antenna Jack.

Panasonic RF-B45 AM-FM-SW-LW portable radio.  Covers standard AM and FM broadcast, longwave from 144 to 288 kHz, and shortwave from 1620 kHz to 29.995 MHz. Yes, it does receive CW and SSB

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