JOHN ELSLEY (1861-1952)

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JOY OF SPRING (1861-1952)

  • Masterpiece by Arthur John Elsley
  • Notable complex arrangement of multiple figures
  • The Joy of Spring sequel to Elsley’s Rescued 1911
  • Bright and true colors!! Printed on a High Quality
  • Incredible detail and vibrant colors
  • A Perfect Reproduction of this Beautiful Art.
  • Makes a great addition for any living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, Hotel, etc.

Arthur John Elsley (20 November 1860 – 19 February 1952) was an English painter of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, famous for his idyllic genre scenes of playful children and their pets.

The Joy of Spring reveals all the best and most memorable aspects of Elsley’s work. Around 1900, the artist began a series of large-scale compositions,  notable in the complex arrangement of multiple figures, both human and animal.

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