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  • MODEL: GCR1872
  • RECEIVER BANDS:  FM=87.5-108.0 MHz, AM=522-1629 kHz
  • POWER: 10W Max
  • STYLE: Class interior
  • COLOR: White
  • TYPE: Modern Design

The Goodmans GCR1872 allows you to wake up to your iPod tunes by simply slotting it into the docking station included in the radio clock. You have the option to wake up to music from your iPod, PLL radio, FM radio, MW radio or really annoying buzzer. There is also a built in iPod charger. Other features include FM/ MW PLL tune radio, 20 preset stations (10 for MW and 10 for FM), stereo line for connecting to home stereo system, stereo audio in, stereo earphone out, electronic volume control, and backlight dimmer control.

The Goodmans GCR1872 is fully interfaced for iPod, iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod video. Besides that, the Goodmans GCR1872 also allows for dual alarm clock to be set to wake up by radio, iPod or buzzer individually. There is also a sleep and snooze function as well as an LCD display green background with black text. The Goodmans GCR1872 runs on AC only via AC adapter

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