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Dhanni bull have different names according to it color patterns:

  • White coat with black spots (Chitta Burga)
  • Black coat with white sports (Kala Burga)
  • White mottles with brown and black patches (Nuqra)
  • Red coat with white spots (Ratta Burga)
  • Dhanni is a medium size light draught breed of cattle
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Dhanni is a medium size light draught breed of cattle. It is characterized with a straight back bearing a big hump, a small face, and short-alerted years. It is found in different color ranges with different spots that can be either black, brown, or red. It has a long tail ending with white switch. Bulls of this breed are known to be having great agility. A male weighs around 400 kg while a female weighs 300 kg. It is mainly a draught breed and frequently seen racing in locally popular bull cart races. A racing bull becomes very precious and sometimes may be sold @7X price of a regular bull.

The milk yield of females are around 1,000 – 1,200 litres



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