925brands is the brainchild of Gym buddies sharing the same passion for fashion, music,  lifestyle, sports and fitness. It’s a meeting point for all fashion and brands enthusiastic. It provides a way to communicate, collaborate and sharing ideas. 

We believe in speaking to mindsets, not broadcasting to demographics.  We’re very obsessive about our followers, audience, readers.  You’re the reason we exist.  Your genuine feedback, comments, ideas means a lot to us and are always appreciated.

Whether you’re in tune with the latest trends or looking for classic pieces, we’ve got you covered.   We have an extensive influencer network, but love the fact that we are still an insider secret.

So keep on visiting, sharing, loving and smiling….

As William James said:  Act as if what you do make a difference, It does.

DISCLAIMER:  We claim no credit for any image, animation, gif, video on this site unless otherwise noted.  Use of images, animations, gifs, videos is for inspiration only. Images, animations, gifs, videos are from different websites, and we always try to mention the sources. If there’s any image, animation, gif, video that is yours without credit. Please contact us and we’ll put you as a source or delete as required.

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