Arguably, the most recognizable album cover in Pop music history and certainly the most parodied, “THE BEATLES – ABBEY ROAD” album still draws fans and travelers to the road.  But how did this iconic image come about?

Here are some know nuggets of knowledge about this iconic album cover.

  • The original title for the album was “Everest”, However the idea was dropped as none of The Beatles wanted to travel to Nepal for a cover shoot.
  • The front cover design, a photograph of the group traversing a zebra crossing was based on sketched ideas by McCartney.
  • The photo was taken at around 11:30 am on the morning of 8th August 1969 outside EMI studios on Abbey Road., Photographer Iain Macmillan was given only ten minutes to take the photo.
  • The group wore suits designed by Tommy Nutter except Harrison.
  • McCartney wore sandals for the first two shots but afterwards took them off and walked barefoot.
  • Shots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 the group were walking out of steps.  The fifth shot was selected by Paul McCartney.
  • Only original UK Beatles album sleeve shows neither the artist name nor the album title on its front cover.
  • The number plate of the white Volkswagen beetle which belonged to the people living in the block was repeatedly stolen from the car
  • The Car beetle (LMW 28IF) was sold in 1986 for 2530 pounds and was displayed in Germany museum in 2001.
  • The man standing on the pavement to the right is Paul Cole an American tourist.
  • Oasis used the same police van’s license plate number for their 1997 album cover.
  • In December 2010, the crossing was given grade II listed for its cultural and historical importance.


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