The Volkswagen Beetle is a part of everyone’s history, no matter where they’re from. Ask anyone, and I guarantee they’ll have a Bug story to tell. Yours truly even has one: My very first automotive experience was in a baby-blue ’70s-era Bug.  Sure, the driver’s door had to be tied shut with rope.

This car is all about the story, the experience, the feeling. And I think that’s absolutely amazing. Everyone loved their Beetle, no matter what condition, no matter what the circumstance. The memories were fond and the emotions were high.

People embraced the Beetle as a care-free, go-anywhere car that meant road trips and first dates; college cars and family weekend drives. The Beetle meant freedom, the Beetle meant good times, from a rugged, tough, beat-into-the-ground, go-anywhere, multipurpose vehicle.

It’s not about the destination, It’s about the ride…

Ask any VW beetle lover,  he surely do make 12 confessions about it.

  • You feel a connection with everyone else who drive a bug
  • You’ve been asked if your engine is in the back countless times
  • Everything is more expensive
  • It makes you secretly very happy inside when you see people slug each other when you drive by
  • People always think you’re driving slow
  • Your drive a bug?  Whenever you give someone a ride for the first time, they will inevitably have some sort of reaction to your car
  • Your car represent your personality
  • Steep parking lot entrances are your nightmare
  • You love that your car has a history
  • Its small but mighty
  • You’re proud of your VW flower vase
  • You love your little car
Courtesy:  VWCOP (Photos),  DRS Media works (Video)

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