Your Own Sunshine!

Fitness blogger and Nutrition expert Amanda Meixner, 27, of Ohio, has accumulated more than 700,000 followers thanks to her savvy and knowledgeable health tips

By swapping out some of these processed foods you not only save your waistline, but also your health.

Skipping meals and starving yourself will only lead to a binge later,’ she wrote on Instagram. ‘That’s why making sure you load up on veggies, protein, fats and the right amount of carbs will leave you feeling satisfied and way less likely to fall into temptation later. Whatever program, you choose to follow make sure you’re fueling your body right.

Amanda said: Honestly, I love the healthy food I prepare so I’m motivated to eat clean 90 per cent of the time. With healthy treats like dark chocolate or chocolate protein shakes, I don’t really feel the need to eat too many treats that often.  But the best part about a lifestyle is that you can fit in treats when you desire without the guilt. As long as it’s not a trigger food for you, it’s the best feeling to treat yourself to something you want (not something that is forced upon you) and then get right back to your clean eating lifestyle your next meal. Now that’s empowering.

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