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Alyce Tran (Entrepreneur, 32) built $30million accessories empire a monogramming company called The Daily Edited. The 32 years old has shared her four most important habits to follow for business. It includes acting quickly, being hands-on, and continuously learning.

The world of fashion is large and fiercely competitive with rapid growth and continuously changing trends. So staying ahead of the game has been a worthwhile challenge.

Alyce Tran tells her Four habits to success:

First of all, it’s about moving quickly when you have an idea, ability to work hard, accurately with a certain level of speed.

Secondly, it’s important to stay hand-on with the project constantly monitoring the area where to improve.

Her third tip, that can be applied to life in general, is to continuously learn and grow on job.

Finally, it’s imperative you remember that sacrifice is an essential side of starting a business.

Alyce Tran with her business partners initially started off with a clothing line in 2011 – but after the business failed, they looked into blogging, with a blog called the Daily Edited. Eventually, the pair quit their day jobs as lawyers to start online leather goods business provide a service that high-end fashion houses have always done, but apply it in a affordable way Monogramming.

Started it from her dining room in August 2014, they bought first lot of stock in September 2014 and sold out within three weeks, re-ordered and haven’t looked back.

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